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Originally from the beautiful rolling hills of South Central Kentucky, I have an appreciation for the land that is practically religious. There, I spent a large portion of my life as a beef producer on a family operation. That's where I learned many core values the hard way; dependability, grit, honesty, loyalty, how to think on my feet, how to remain calm during the storm, and how to perservere when times get tough- I carry those values over into real estate today, never forgetting where I come from.

This winter my fiance, Erin, and I will be married. When Erin is not planning a wedding, she is a horse trainer and also gives riding lessons. I spend a lot of my free time at the barn doing odd jobs, and scouting deer in the fields. I also love to hunt waterfowl and turkey, and I enjoy helping friends bring in their harvests every fall. Unless I am eating or sleeping, you won't find me indoors! 

With my background and interests there isn't much I haven't done or seen with the land. If you need a crop farm, a livestock operation, hunting ground, all of the above, or just a home with a country feel- I'M YOUR GUY!!! 

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